Aeration Blower System

Aeration Blower System

The Project

Dean Foods, one of the leading food and beverage companies in the United States, contracted EWS to manufacture a replacement system for their aeration tank process. The Aeration system is designed to provide adequate flow rates at maximum expected tank fill levels. EWS engineers were able to create this system with a single blower where previously multiple blowers were required. Dean Foods was provided a complete design submittal package, including a 3-D Solid Works model and P&ID.

The Challenge

EWS engineers discovered a challenge upon discovering that the high discharge temperature prohibited the use of an industry standard Proco flex connector

The Solution

To mitigate the challenge at hand, the EWS Engineering team designed a custom discharge flex connector. The blower flange that was tailor made for the discharge silencer was welded to each side of the bellows expansion joint with butt weld ends. The Aeration Blower package provided was a turnkey installation including electrical, concrete, and controls, and build-in-place actively vented sound enclosure. The EWS Engineering team fabricated, assembled, tested, and shipped the aeration blower package from our Carson, CA facility.


  • Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel
  • Temperature: 100 deg F
  • Noise Limitation: Abatement Req
  • Flow: 1955 SCFMDisch
  • Press: 14.22 PSIG

Major Equipment

Roots Model 770 RAMX Rotary Lobe Blower, 200HP 1800RPM TEFC Motor, Inlet Silencer, Discharge Silencer, Sound Enclosure with vent fan and temperature switch.


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