Aeration process equipment for processing water & wastewater.


Often the first major process in a treatment plant, aeration brings water and air in close contact to remove any dissolved gases and oxidizes dissolved metals. During the aeration process, these unwanted constituents are removed or modified before they interfere with the rest of the treatment process. Aeration can be achieved by exposing thin sheets of water to the air or by injecting small bubbles of air and letting them rise up a body of water. The turbulence of aeration physically removes dissolved gases from the water so that they could escape into the air. Oxidation will also occur helping remove dissolved metal. They will become particles easily removed by filtration after that.

Fine Bubble Diffusers

Fine bubble diffusers produce very small air bubbles that rise slowly from the bottom of an aeration basin.

Coarse Bubble Diffusers

Coarse Bubble Diffusers produce bubbles of a large diameter which rise rapidly from the floor of the aeration tank..

Floating Aerators

Floating aerators live on the surface of the aeration tanks. They push water from under the water’s surface up into the air.

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