Rain Water Runoff Metering Pump Package

Rain Water Runoff Metering Pump Package

BP Carson Metering Skid Package

In an effort to increase safety and reduce pollutant concentrations in the water supply, McKenna Engineering used the process designed by Spec Services, to manufacture Rain Water Metering Pump Skids to monitor and test surface water runoff. This pollutant reduction opportunity provided a vast improvement to the existing runoff control structures in place. If left untreated, surface water runoff would increase the concentrations of pollutants and other hazardous materials contributing to the city’s water supply.

McKenna Engineering worked with Spec Services to design an all-in-one skid that could monitor flow rates, pH levels and hydrocarbon levels in the water supply. Our experienced team of engineers developed a compact and efficient system to control pollutant discharges, monitor discharges and report compliance.

  • Solid Works modeling
  • Piping Systems
  • Skidded Equipment
  • Hydrostatic Testing


The Solution

Three complete turnkey packaged systems were provided to BP facilities compliant of the EPA regulated National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program of the Clean Water Act for industrial activities.By integrating all systems and controls into a single package, McKenna Engineering was able to provide a cost and environmentally effective solution to the BP Pipeline Group. Each package was designed, fabricated and tested in McKenna’s Carson California facility and delivered to BP’s locations in Carson and Long Beach, CA on time and on budget.


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