Grit Washers

EWS provides a wide range of grit removal process equipment for processing water & wastewater.

Grit Washers


The grit washer consists of a shaft-less spiral crew conveyor and conical hopper. The inlet flow containing grit and organic matter is discharged into the top of the hopper. The slow rotational movement is produced by the central stirrer causing the sand and grit particles to settle by gravity. Wash water enters the screw classifier into the bottom of the hopper which aids the grit and sand particles in scrubbing any attached organic matter from their surface. Air agitation further helps the scrubbing process. Grit is eventually conveyed by the screw classifier, and sent for disposal.


  • Municipal waste water treatment works
  • Small sewage treatment works
  • Industrial effluent discharges
  • Receiving Grit from Sewers or Gullies
  • Grit Recovery from Processing Plant

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