Vertical Screw Screen

Vertical Screw Screen

The vertical screw screens consist of a screen, a spiral, and a press unit. Vertical screw screens are best characterized for their unique ability to fit into compact spaces while separating solids from liquids. Solids from the inlet flow will collect onto the screen mesh. Sweeping brushes will collect the solids from the screen mesh. They are then conveyed up to the pressing zone through the vertical screw screen’s spiral. The screenings will eventually be sealed without any needed personal contact.

Vertical screw screens can be supplied at various different lengths as needed for applications. They can also be designed for inclined angles up to 50° from vertical.


  • Pump chambers
  • Manholes, chambers and sumps
  • Sludge and scum screening
  • Pre-treatment of wastewater works
  • Secondary treatment of wastewater works

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